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Sleeps 6 $500/night

1 Queen bedroom, 1 Queen bedroom, 2 Twins in bedroom, private bath

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Yerkes Suite

Susan Hill Yerkes purchased the Lodge from the Brayton's and owned it from 1919 to 1937. Yerkes was a highly educated and cultured woman of her time, and expert in Greek, Latin and German. From 1901 to 1926, Yerkes and her sister Mary Helen served as teachers and co-principals of the Ackley Institute, a girls school in Grand Haven. During that time Susan took students to Paris to study and acquired art objects that she displayed in Khardomah Lodge. In her honor we have begun our renovation of this historic property by creating the Yerkes Suite. This suite is composed of 3 bedrooms (king, queen, 2 twins) and a private full bathroom.

Sleeps 2 $200/night

1 Queen bed, private bath

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Original Brayton Suite

In 1873 lumberman James and Mary Brayton built a cottage here which they named after their family friend, Chief Khardomah, leader of one of the 19 historical Grand River Bands of Ottawa peoples. Khardomah means happy home in Anishinaabemowin, an Algonquian language, which is currently designated as "critically endangered" by UNESCO. This suite composes the original sleeping quarters that the Brayton's built for themselves over a hundred years ago, long before the Lodge was extended to its current form. It is a single bedroom that overlooks our front porch on the main level with a private bathroom. Ideal for couples looking for the original Khardomah experience with private amenities.